Firefighter Obstacle Course Activity

Firefighter Obstacle Course Activity

Firefighter Obstacle Course Activity

At Helping Hands Preschool they learned about fire safety. It is important to be safe around a fire as with the arrival of Spring there will be many barbecues and fire pits around. The children learned about how to stop, drop, and roll. The kiddos also practiced with their own firefighter obstacle course!

Navigating the obstacle course

For the firefighter obstacle course, it was set up where the students tried to quickly dress up in a firefighter outfit, navigate obstacles the teachers had set up, and then, "Put out," construction paper fires by identifying them on a bulletin board. It was a great activity and helped to impart the importance of fire safety and fighting fires when they get out of control. You can easily make your own obstacle course about fire safety in your classroom too with some carefully placed items students need to avoid and a, "Fire," for them to put out!

Source for photos: Helping Hands Preschool

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Firefighter Obstacle Course Activity
April 2, 2021
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