Firetruck activities

Firetruck activities

We are learning about things that go. We will be doing different vehicles that go. The kids love firetrucks. We are near a firehouse so they hear the sirens and see the trucks often. This will be a craft that they can practice gluing things and making the pieces stick. They are excited to learn more about firetrucks. They will also learn some shapes from this project. They can even try to use paper safe scissors. They are 2 years old. We will be doing other fun activities with other vehicles. They can't wait to do activities and crafts with vehicles. We will be doing a project with bubble wrap and the children will push cars to pop the bubble wrap. They will also do a shaving cream car wash. They love to get messy. They will do another project with a marker taped to the back of a car and push it around on the paper. We are excited to do other fun things with trucks and cars.

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Firetruck Craft ...

Firetruck activities
August 2, 2021
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