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First Steps in Learning Letters

Sandra Vagale
First Steps in Learning Letters

First Steps in Learning Letters

The first steps in learning letters can take place around the age of 2 for a child. Because in the beginning, the child learns that which is associated with a certain sound. The child perceives it as a game, imitating and enjoying the passport process, without logical thinking and effort to memorize it.

Throughout the year, each letter has its own toy with its constant name and letter, which is taken with it when visiting the children. Together with children, this toy learns the correct pronunciation. Practice saying words with this sound at the beginning - parallel clapping with your hands or hitting sticks, stones, blocks, hitting them in the rhythm of the word.

During this activity, children also learn to look at their mouth, teeth, and tongue in a mirror. Do a simple exercise related to this sound.

Then common decoration of this letter with buttons, ropes, stones, tree leaves, tree branches, flowers or snails, beads.

After such intense activity, movement activity follows, which is also related to the letter/sound to be learned: throws, jumps, runs, crawls, etc.

Creative work suitable for the abilities of this age. But that's a separate topic - I wish you all the best!

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First Steps in Learning Letters
January 21, 2023
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