Magnetic Fishing and Matching Game for Kids

Fishing has never been so useful to students! This amazing idea will surely appeal to the youngest children.

All You need is:
– plastic shoe box
– plastic fishing rod
– one big
– paper clips
– film pouches for laminator

Step 1

Print the fish on poster board and laminate them. Stick one clip on each fish. 

Step 2

Stick the magnet to the rod with hot-melt adhesive or create your fishing rod from a stick on your own.


Step 3

Create a Word file, in which you assign a word/image to each fish.

Step 4

A plastic shoe box will serve as an aquarium. Fill the aquarium with water and throw the fish into it.

Step 5

Tell your students you’re going fishing. Each child catches one fish and then checks which picture/word is assigned to it.

It’s an excellent way to revise vocabulary with kindergarten.

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