Fit Activity for Preschool What’s Your Name?

Learning how to recognize and spell name is an important skill for preschoolers. This is a fun printable activity for “All about me” Theme!

Here’s a great way to keep kids busy while cooped up inside. Literacy and motor skills are a great combination. Have fun! Holmen Public Preschool (Holmen, Wisconsin)

What’s your name?

let’s write your first and last name with this exercise!
If you are looking for a real challenge, write your middle name or the names of each member of your family!

Spell out your full name and complete the activity listed for each letter

A  – Jump up and down 10 times
B – Spin around in a circle 5 times
С – Hop on the foot 5 times
D – Run to the nearest door and run back
E – Walk like a bear for a count of 5
F – Do 3 cartwheels
G – Do 10 jumping jacks
H – Hop like a frog 8 times
I – Balance on your left foot for a count of 10
J – Balance on your right foot for a count of 10
K – March like a toy solder for a count of 12
L – Pretend to jump rope for a count of 20
M – Do 3 somersaults
N – Pick up a ball without using your hands
O – Walk backwards 50 steps and skip back
P – Walk sideways 20 steps and hop back
Q – Crawl like a crab for a count of 10
R – Walk like a bear for a count of 5
S – Bend down and touch your toes 20 times
T – Pretend to pedal я bike with your hands for a count of 17
U – Roll a boll using only your head
V – Flap your arms like a bird 25 times
W – Pretend to ride a house for a count of 15
X – Try to touch the clouds for a count of 15
Y – Walk on your knees for a count 10
Z – Do 10 push-ups

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