Five Senses lesson Plan

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Walnuts lesson Plan

Learning Objective: This week the children will explore and learn about the five senses; hear, sight, touch, smell and taste.

Meeting time:

Listen to the good morning from the teachers.
One of the teachers will read a book- (video book)
Follow with suggested activities


Sense of hear


  1. I hear a Pickle by Rachel Isadora
  2. Our Ears Can Hear by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

Activity: Children You tube game-Guess the Animal sound


Sense of sight


  1. I Hear a Pickle
  2. I See Spring by Charles Ghigna

Activity: make your own binoculars with two empty paper rolls then go for a walk. While waking encourage your child to look for colors & shapes emphasizing the use of eyes.


Sense of Touch


  1. I Hear a Pickle
  2. Press Here by HerveTullet

Activity: set up two small trays or containers. One with sand/dirt and another one with water. Have your child feel it and play and then compare both textures. You can add soap to the water and a sponge for your child to pretend to wash his/her toys.


Sense of Smell


  1. I Hear a Pickle
  2. Our Smell by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

Activity: Set up 4-5 glass jars (if possible, cover them with black paper) add different scents (cinnamon, coffee toothpaste etc.) in each jar and have the children guess it.


Sense of Taste


  1. I Hear a Pickle
  2. Our Mouths can Taste by Jody Wheeler-Toppen

Activity: find sweet, sour, salty goods from your fridge and invite your child to test all the different goods.

Drawing activity see attachment

Additional supporting materials: websites links….

Music and movement songs that all the children are familiar with. The music and movement are used as part of transitioning after group time. All the songs can be found on Children’s you tube.

List of song by BakiKoral:

Back to the Farm, Give a Hug, Clap it, Dance all day, Dragon Hunt, Fly like a Butterfly, Scaly Little Snake, Bats, Let’s get Together and Train song. Greg and Steve- Kids in Action: The Way We Do it, Bop ‘Til You Drop, Beanie Bag Dance and Going On a Bear Hunt.

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