Five senses - Taste, sound, touch, sight and smell

Chantelle Schutte
Five senses - Taste, sound, touch, sight and smell



Zero Class: - Letter "L" introduction.

Afternoon Activities:

– Magazine cut outs

– Face template


– What are senses?

– Can you name the five different senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.

– What parts of our body do we use for each sense?

– If you had to lose one sense, which will it be?

– What is the most beautiful thing to see?

– What is the most wonderful thing to smell?

– What is the best taste?

– What is the greatest sound?

– What is the most wonderful thing to touch?

Senses station:

1. Hearing station: Water xylophone, each child will get a chance to tap on the glass and hear the different sounds they make.

Various other noises to make:

– opening and closing a drawer

– jingling car keys

– filling a glass of water

– zippering a jacket

– bouncing a ball

2. Seeing station: Blind drawing, the students will be blindfolded and have to try and draw themselves. After drawing the first picture, the students will draw another one to see how much easier it is to move the pencil.

Celery Absorbing coloured water experiment:

- Fill 5 vases with water and get the students to add food colouring to each

- Then carefully place each celery inside of the water vases.

- Ask the students what they think will happen.

- Teaches students about patience as they have to wait.

3. Touching station: Using a brown paper bag filled with sandpaper, magazine clippings, lego blocks, playdough etc. Each student will get a chance to try and guess what is inside each bag by using their sense of touch. Then the students will put on gloves and try and guess again the objects in the bag.

4. Tasting Station: Place the following ingredients, sugar, salt, cocoa powder and lemon slices into dishes for the students (use a blindfold and get the students to try and describe the taste, bitter, sweet, salty, sour etc).

5. Using spices with strong aromas such as lemon slice, coffee grounds, black pepper, onions, cilantro/mint, and cinnamon. The students will smell each ingredient while blindfolded and guess what it is.

*Question to ask the students: which senses got heightened when you took one away, eg the sense of smell got heighthened when sight got removed.

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Five senses - Taste, sound, touch, sight and smell
January 18, 2021
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