Flower Themed Craft Ideas for Kids

This art is suitable for 6-7 years and above whereby they can color themselves.

Things to prepare

  • – Art paper
  • – Crayon / Paint / Color pencils
  • – Felt paper
  • – Black poms poms
  • – Yellow sandy material


First draw the background with flower pots based on own imagination

Then cut the flower using felt paper

Sticks the black pom pom in between the flower and sprinkle the yellow material surround the black poms poms after applied glue.


The next activity need a little more time to perform.

Things to prepare for the below activity:

  • – White or coloured paper
  • – Coloured felt paper
  • – Poms poms
  • – Googly eyes
  • – Recycled box or origami box


I hope that u guys enjoy making Ur own flower basket or flower art. Thank you.

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