Foil Rivers Water-Play Activity for Kids

.Grace Robinson
Foil Rivers Water-Play Activity for Kids

At Stratton Elementary School in Colorado Springs, Colorado the Kindergarten students of Mrs. Ferguson enjoyed this fun water-play activity.

The weather was beautiful so it was a perfect, "Wear your swimsuit to school," kind of day! The kids made tinfoil rivers after reading books about rivers and watching videos about them via E-learning. They saw how if you fold-up tin foil you can then make river pathways and pour water down the paths!

Materials Needed for the Foil Rivers Water-Play Activity

To do this water-play activity you will just need:

  • Tinfoil/Aluminium Foil
  • Water
  • Buckets to hold water
  • A hose or sink faucet for getting water
  • An incline

How to Make a Foil River

To make your foil river you will want to have it be on an incline so you can have the water roll down your river path. Lay your foil out and fold-up the edges to keep the water contained, then make a path that angles down. Use your buckets to pour the water and watch as it goes down the path of the foil river!

Stratton Elementary School
Colorado Springs, CO, United States

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Foil Rivers Water-Play Activity for Kids
May 2, 2020
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