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For the love of animals

Laraba Salifu
For the love of animals

For the love of animals

Animals are all around us, we see them everyday and we love them. I had a fun time teaching my 2-3 year olds domestic, jungle and sea animals and we made large cutouts of them and pasted on the walls as a continuous learning corner. Every day we explored the corners, they got to see the large sized animals and point them out one after the other while mimicking the sounds they make, we made animals faces using paper plates, a shark, a pig, a starfish and lion. We also had a little animal day where we made a jungle corner using leaves and animal cutouts, the domestic animal shed was made, cardboard cutouts as fence and shredded paper for hay, we used plastic animal figures in a bowl of water as the sea animals section. Every child came dressed in their favourite animal costume, had an animal parade and they took turns in talking about the animals, the sounds they make and where they and live. Then we had an interesting puppet show telling the story of the three little pigs, the lion and the mouse and the big red barn.

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For the love of animals
October 30, 2023
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