Fraction Flower Craft

Fraction Flower Craft

Fraction Flower Craft

At Peace of Mind Early Education Center, they learned about fractions in a neat way! They used construction paper to create flowers that had differently colored petals and noted down fractions of the flower petals!

Making fractions with flowers

Making fractions with flower petals was very fun. For example, one flower as seen above had six total petals. Three were yellow and three were red. This means a fraction of 3/6 would be accurate, as well as 1/2 because it was half and half of the petals! Other fractions were explored too such as 1/6 and even 2/6, which also works as 1/3. The children really benefits from having a visual representation of fractions in the form of flower petals and it helped them to understand how fractions worked!

Source for photos: Peace of Mind Early Education Center

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Fraction Flower Craft
April 8, 2021
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