Free Printable Farm Animal Worksheets for Preschoolers

Free Printable Farm Animal Worksheets for Preschoolers

Farm-Themed Preschool Activities.

Farm-Themed Preschool Activities

Farm Animals Find and Color Worksheet

This worksheet has students color actual numbers orange and other things that are just shapes or designs blue. This is a great way to reinforce an understanding of what are and are not numbers.

Farm Animals Find and Color Worksheet

Farm Animals Color

Students color the sheep with numbers in them one color, and the sheep that have letters within them another color. The students get to pick the colors as long as they use them correctly! This worksheet helps students know the difference between numbers and letters!

Farm Animals Color activity

Farm Animals On the Farm

First students color each number within the picture the matching color, and then they can color everything leftover whatever color they would like! This activity is great for both finding the numbers and identifying them.

Farm Animals activity

Farm Animals Barn

This worksheet encourages learning about symmetry by having students draw the other half of the barn so that both sides match!

Farm Animals Barn

Farm Animals Color by Number

For this worksheet students match the color to the appropriate numbers so that they can draw a gorgeous rooster! This helps make sure students know their numbers and match them with a color for this activity.

Farm Color by Number

Farm Animals Matching Letters Worksheet

This worksheet has one letter circled and then students find its match in uppercase and lowercase form in differing fonts. This worksheet helps with the understanding of how letters can be both uppercase and lowercase.

Matching Letters Worksheet

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