Free Printable Weather Station for Kids. Weather Chart

Free Printable Weather Activity for preschoolers

This is a great activity for preschool students learning about the weather. By using this free printable that allows students to say how, “This is my weather station,” students can learn about types of wind, forms of weather, and the temperature.

Weather Station and Daily Calendar

This free printable has various parts that can be printed and then laminated to allow students to change the weather indicators as needed (such as if a day goes from sunny to cloudy). Students using the weather station can select if the wind is calm, if there is a breeze, or if it is windy. Also, they can select if the weather outside is stormy, rainy, cloudy, partly cloudy, or sunny! Lastly, Students can indicate how hot or cold it is on a scale from hot, to warm, to cool, and finally cold.

Free Printables

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How to Download for FREE

When using their weather station you have the kids either move the indicators to show what the weather is like outside, or ask them questions–for example you could say, “What would your weather station look like if it was windy, hot, and stormy?” This free printable weather station is sure to be fun for the whole class!

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