Free Pumpkin Worksheets

The Fall season brings with it a lot of things we associate with Autumn–leaves changing color, Halloween, and of course pumpkins! With this in mind we have these free printable pumpkin worksheets you can do with your class or preschool or kindergarten students to learn about everything from colors to letters and counting all while fitting-in with the exciting theme of pumpkins!

I Love My Pumpkin Worksheet

This worksheet has a classic orange pumpkin in the middle but then asks students to color the other pumpkins the colors they have written inside. This is a great activity for learning to read and match colors. Also, at the bottom of the worksheet students can trace the phrase, “I LOVE MY PUMPKIN,” which is a very true phrase as pumpkins are awesome and easy to love!

Pumpkin Counting Worksheet

All around this worksheet are a wide-range of pumpkins making different faces. Students are tasked with counting-up how many total there are of each face and then writing it down at the bottom. After doing that they are welcome to color-in the pumpkins too for a bit of additional fun.

Letter and Number Pumpkins

Some of the pumpkins at the bottom of this worksheet have numbers on them and others have letters. Students need to cut-them out and then glue them in a stack atop either the crate (if letters) or wheelbarrow (if numbers). They can color everything too when they are done if they desire.

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