From Acorn to Oak Tree Free Printables

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These free printables are wonderful for discussing and illustrating the life cycle of an Oak tree. You can use them in your classroom to talk about how even a big and impressive Oak tree starts-out as a tiny acorn.

Then if it is taken care of properly that acorn will become a sprout that eventually grows into a sapling (a baby tree of sorts). After some years a sapling grows into a large and mighty Oak tree–one which will drop acorns of its own, starting the process all over!

Oak Tree Life Cycle Worksheet

To do this worksheet students need to cut-out the four stages below (acorn, sprout, sapling, Oak tree) and paste them in the correct order that matches the four numbers/steps.

We have as free printables a version that is already colorized as well as a black-and-white one that your classroom can use if you want to give students the opportunity to also color!

Acorn to Oak Tree Cards

These cards can be printed-out and then used to discuss the order of how an Oak tree grows. We have both a fully colorized version and a black-and-white one so that if you want students to have a chance to color their own version they can do so as well!

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