Fun Dinosaur-Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Olivia Johnson
Fun Dinosaur-Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Dinosaur Theme Activities

Here at Children’s Academy of Seattle (in Seattle, Washington) we want to know who has ever said that learning can't be fun? We want to know so we can show them how great of a time we had doing our very own Dinosaur theme!

Having a theme full of Dinosaurs was a great opportunity for us to teach our preschool-age children about biology and evolution as well as scientific thinking in a relaxed and super-fun way!

Our Dinosaur-Themed Fun

We did so many awesome activities! We had our students dress-up as Dinosaurs and pretend to stomp-around in costumes they helped make with supplies like paper plates, paint, and construction paper. We colored our very own pictures of baby Dinosaurs (and grown-up ones) and talked about how Dinosaurs hatched out of eggs. In addition to coloring we glued dry noodles on Dino templates, and put-together puzzles of Dinosaurs. When assembling the puzzles we talked about what kinds of Dinosaurs were in the pictures!

There was discussion of how Dinosaurs died-out millions of years ago and now Paleontologists find them via carefully digging in the Earth--then we had our students practice looking for Dinos with their very own excavation! Lastly, it was discussed how even if Dinosaurs are gone some managed to evolve into what we know today as birds. It is wild to think a canary today could have a big Dino as its ancestor! Our Dinosaur theme resulted in a number of activities our preschoolers loved and our students not only had fun, they learned a lot too!

Children's Academy of Seattle
Seattle, Washington

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Fun Dinosaur-Themed Activities for Preschoolers
October 22, 2019
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