Fun Learning and Playing with Ice Cream Trucks

Rhei Mesiona
Fun Learning and Playing with Ice Cream Trucks

Fun Learning and Playing with Ice Cream Trucks

Preschoolers learn best through play, and most preschooler boys love cars and trucks. That’s why we’ve been having fun with lots of learning activities with toy vehicles lately. A large cardboard box makes a great start for your truck. Cut a flap in one side of the box. This will become the counter for your ice cream server to wait on customers.

Paper plates make quick and easy wheels for your truck. You could also cut circles from black construction paper.

Let your preschooler draw on a front window and add decorations to the box. We cut ice cream pictures from old magazines to help decorate our truck.

Your preschooler might even want to add a sign on top of the truck.

Continue your ice cream pretend play with some large pom-poms as pretend ice cream scoops.

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Fun Learning and Playing with Ice Cream Trucks
June 30, 2022
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