Fun Craft Project for Kids: Making a Mask out of Cardboard

At Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery in Ladysmith, British Columbia (in Canada) they thought of this fun craft project you can do with your kids!

All you need is cardboard, scissors, paint, and glue to do it. You take the pieces of cardboard and cut them up so that you can create a decorative mask with multiple layers that you can also paint (tempera paint or acrylic works perfectly) so as to have an amazing decorative mask.

Mask Examples

Below are examples of some masks to give you an idea how many creative possibilities you have!

Photo: Andrea Clews

This mask by Andrew Clews is very happy.

Photo: Andrea Clews

Andrea Clews mask is extremely detailed and colorful.

Photo: Fiona Marsden

Fiona Marsden made a punk rocker mask.

Photo: Lara Mattson

Lara Mattson’s picture features wonky eyes.

Photo: Emma Croft

Emma Croft made a very minimalist and professional-looking mask.

See what kind of fun and wild masks you and your child can make too!


Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery
Ladysmith, BC, Canada

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