Fun Weather Activities to Do at Home

Fun Weather Activities to Do at Home

At Harmony Preschool in Boulder, Colorado, the weather can vary a lot! Sometimes it is hot, other times rainy, and it also snows too! With the children and teachers all at home due to the current World events, the teacher at Harmony Preschool has been kind enough to make a video of activities that everyone can follow along with at home to learn about the weather!

Topics Covered in the Weather Activities Video

In the video below the teacher from Harmony Preschool does a number of fun activities you can follow along with at home!She does the following:

  • Reads a book about various types of weather
  • Creates fun chemical reactions
  • Teaches viewers about sinking versus floating
  • And more!
Watch the video and feel free to submit to us at pictures of you doing the activities shown in the videos, or share your own videos full of ideas with us if you would like too!

Fun Weather Activities to Do at Home
March 20, 2020
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