Fun with Patterns

Amber Manresa
Fun with Patterns

Fun with Patterns

Fun with Patterns.

Learning remotely can be difficult to keep kids engaged throughout the day. This was a fun and interactive way to learn about patterns! You can easily cater to different kids by discovering their favorite things, they can even help you find and google images.

From dinosaurs to trucks to unicorns or princesses, it was fun just to discover new images with the kids. Find images that kids love, cut them out, laminate them and attach a self sticking velcro to the back so you can make up your own patterns again and again without wasting heaps of paper.

When you're having trouble with the standard worksheets and you've got kiddos that have a tough time sitting still this is a fun tool to get them involved, engaged and loving learning. Great for tactile learners and developing fine motor skills!

Fun with Patterns
October 25, 2020
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