Game Card - Animal

Game Card - Animal

Playing with Game Card - Animals

- Matching Card with actual figures

- Any type of animal from pets, farm, sea and wild life

Fun for kids 2-4 years old, develop motor skill for matching and finding the actual figures.

For 4 years old - play with Best Time taken. Interesting to look them running around matching the figure and picture.

Allow kid to be independent and able to distinguish different criteria of each animals identified from the pictures. Involve physical activities such as running, standing and sitting down while doing the matching

Sample Pets: Cat, Mouse, Rabbit, Dog, Mouse,

Sample Farm: Cow, Sheep, Duck, Rooster, Alpaca, Horse

Sample Sea Life: Whale, Dolphin, Crab, Lobster, Shark

Sample Wild Life: Elephant, Gorilla, Lion, Tiger,

Game Card - Animal
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Game Card - Animal
July 31, 2021
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