Printable Activity for Kindergarten About Garbage Decomposition Times

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When doing recycling-themed activities with Kindergarten students one question that may be brought up is why recycling is important and how long it takes things we treat as garbage to decompose.

This printable activity is a great way to give examples that answer the question of why it is better to recycle than throw things away by illustrating how long it can take certain kinds of garbage to fully decompose. By being aware of how long it takes certain kinds of waste to decompose in landfills students will start to gain a better understanding of why recycling is so important.

Garbage Decomposition Activity Printables

This activity is printed over two sheets and makes-up 8 total cards (4 cards for each sheet). The cards have images of various items as well as it listed how long it can take those objects to decompose in a landfill. The times range from just a month for old food all the way to 1,000 years for glass bottles!

It is smart to recycle as some objects would otherwise clog landfills for hundreds of years!

How to Download These Files

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