Garbage Truck Activity

Garbage Truck Activity

Garbage Truck Activity

We were working on community helpers and their vehicles. We were talking how important they are to us. Street sweepers and garbage collectors have a very important job. They help us to keep the streets in our cities clean. But we can do our part.

We should always throw our garbage in bags and then put the garbage bags in the trash cans. As members in a community, we all must do our parts. The students cut garbage bags, then they color and paste them on the garbage truck.

My little ones were very happy after this activity because they feel more responsable in keeping the city clean and working as a team. They promised they were going to help at home keeping their rooms neat and clean. They can also help with some chores at home. Being self-conscious about their part in a community is a huge accomplishment.

I am very pleased to help as a teacher and parents were happy about this unit too.

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Garbage Truck Activity
September 17, 2020
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