Geoboard Pumpkin Stem Activities for Preschool

Making a geoboard pumpkin was an amazing way to explore pumpkin math concepts and STEM with the children. It expanded the traditional geoboard concept into a three-dimensional experience.

Through this process we are striving to honor the children’s abilities & intelligence to send the message that they are capable constructors & engineers.

There are so many skills involved in this geoboard pumpkin activity.

Fine motor skills when holding the golf tees by pinching them as they grasp them & maneuvering the rubber bands.
Creative expression by using the rubber bands and golf tees to create original designs, when making geometric shapes and 3D exploration of the shapes, along with patterning they explore math.
Science through observing how the pumpkins changed with the insertion/removal of the golf tees & rubber bands.

Geo Pumpkins

Peter Pan Schools
Alameda, California

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Author: /Emily Davis

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