Germ-Themed Art Craft

Germ-Themed Art Craft

Germ-Themed Art Craft

Pre-K By the Day Drop-In Preschool did some germ-themed art! The kids practiced their fine motor skills and used their creativity to create unique, "Germs." They loved comparing the creations that they designed.

Materials needed for this craft

To make this craft you will need the following:

*A piece of paper

*Tempera paint



*Water droppers


How to create the craft

To make the craft follow these steps:

1. Mix water into your tempera paints to dilute them.

2. Suck-up some paint in your water dropper.

3. Squit the paint onto your paper.

4. Use your straw to blow the watery paint around.

5. Keep making water-and-paint mixes that you suck-up and then squirt and blow around on the paper.

6. Wait for your paint to dry.

7. Show everyone your germs that you created!

Source for photos: Pre-K By the Day Drop-In Preschool

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Germ-Themed Art Craft
February 4, 2021
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