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Germination Experiment From Egg Shells

Caitlyn Rhodes
Germination Experiment From Egg Shells

Germination Experiment From Egg Shells

Use egg shells to grow wildflower or grass seeds, and have children draw faces on egg shells, giving the sprouts the appearance of "hair".

Keep egg shells in egg carton creating a dome environment that will encourage the seeds to germinate within 3-5 days.

Sprinkle water prior to closing the dome and leave outside - open once a day or every other day to sprinkle water again until spouts emerge. Once emerged, only close dome lid in the evening until sprouts are tall enough to be moved to a new "home". (Egg shell can be crushed and used as added calcium for new home/soil)

Be sure to poke one small hole on bottom of egg carton in case of accidental overwatering/overflowing of water as to not drown seeds and to use seed starting soil to begin germination experiment.

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Germination Experiment From Egg Shells
September 22, 2023
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