Gingerbread Color Identification Activity

.Ava Jones
Gingerbread Color Identification Activity

At Little Leaders Learning Center in Miller Place, New York they had so much fun doing this activity! This color identification activity uses differently-colored gingerbread (actually made out of craft paper) for a fun holiday theme!

Students see on the easel how it has been written, "My gingerbread is. " and then has a piece of colorful gingerbread by it. The students then have underneath the display an assortment of sticky-notes with different colors written upon them.

Students then take these notes and place them to the right of the correct piece of gingerbread. For example, a blue gingerbread will have the student take the sticky-note that says, "Blue," and put it by the gingerbread piece.

You can have students do this activity by themselves as a center or make it an activity done by the whole class where everyone takes turns putting up a sticky-note in turns.

Skills This Activity Helps Develop

This activity is wonderful because it assists students in developing their skills of color-identification and also has them work on reading/word recognition as they need to make sure they grab the correct sticky-note to put next to the proper color.

At Little Leaders Learning Center their, "Sight word," of the week was, "My," so that is why they used the sentence, 'My Gingerbread is," while you could use whatever sentence works for your class if you do an activity like this. It is a fun and educational activity for sure!

Little Leaders Learning Center
Miller Place, New York 11764

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Gingerbread Color Identification Activity
December 14, 2019
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