Gingerbread Week in Preschool

In the TK Class at Epworth Preschool and Kindergarten in Gaithersburg, Maryland, they celebrated gingerbread week!

They spent their time at school doing all kinds of educational and fun gingerbread-themed activities and it was delightful. Read on to see some of the creative things the class engaged in!

Gingerbread Week Activities

For one activity the class read three different books involving characters who were made out of gingerbread. Then, the class made a chart that examined the characters in each book, what events occurred, and what words were repeated often. By making this chart everyone was able to compare the books as well as note their differences.


The TK class also drew their own life-size gingerbread men and women who they then decorated as a team with an assortment of colorful markers. Everyone did puzzles themed for gingerbread people as well in addition to filling-out and coloring exciting worksheets. Everyone painted pictures of gingerbread people, helped assemble a class book about the subject, and one activity involved making little houses for the classroom’s gingerbread stuffies. The class did a lot of stuff for gingerbread week and it was a good time

Epworth Preschool and Kindergarten
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877

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