Go Away My Monster

Kathi Anserello
Go Away My Monster

Go Away My Monster

This is a follow up activity From Reading and Watching "Go Away Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberley It is for my nonverbal students with special needs. We use a core vocabulary boards and speech generating devices or dynamic display communication apps for interacting every day. You can use either colored circles or have your students color durable paper plates. The eyes are a trimmed top portion of sports drink bottles (I used tin snips to do this and slightly melted any rough edges with a hot glue gun tip). Holes are pre-cut in the plate the size of the opened bottle top for the eyes (my students could select or tell me how many eyes their monsters would have. Then, they could ask for help or draw in the other parts of the monsters face. (nose mouth teeth ears). The students then take the unscrewed bottle top and put it through the holes. Then screw in the bottle cap. The eyes are made from the holes cut out of the plate or circle. You can also use stickers. We put the "monster mash" song on, as we worked.

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Go Away My Monster
October 9, 2020
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