Grandma helping pre-K grandson get ready for Kindergarten

Therese Hocking
Grandma helping pre-K grandson get ready for Kindergarten

Hello all!

I was looking for a website that would help me work with my grandson in preparing him for Kindergarten. He turned 4 in April. His mom has decided not to send him to preschool due to the pandemic. We are both worried he will not prepared for Kindergarten in the Fall of 2021. He is a bright boy and is bilingual as his father only speaks Spanish to him. His recall of English letters is poor but he does know how to write his first name as well as his brother's name. Both his gross motor and fine motor skills are great. He is able to count to 20 as well as count objects, but does not recognize the wrote number. In my opinion, his social skills are advanced. He is able to identify all of his shapes and colors. He understands the order of the day such as morning, lunchtime and bedtime. He is very observant of everything around him and loves bugs and all their differences. He loves art and art projects. He loves to draw his family and draws the figures in the typical 4 year old fashion. If their are any preschool teachers who would like to share any comments or suggestions, we are so open to any help that we can get!


Grandma T

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Grandma helping pre-K grandson get ready for Kindergarten
December 31, 2020
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