Grandma stepping up to teach the ABC'S

Grandma stepping up to teach the ABC'S

I earned my BS in secondary education with a social studies concentration. Unfortunately school districts hiring social studies teachers wanted them to coach football, basketball and other sports.

Needless to say, I was not qualified to coach any sport. While that avenue was closed I was not going to let my desire for kids to learn and discover the world around them go by the wayside. Instead I married and raised our three children. The early years I also watched several kids at home. But as the youngest reached three I was able transition back to my desire to help kids learn and explore the world around them. I worked with two year olds in a Mother's Day Out for several years and than worked with kindergarteners in a daycare center. Each age had its challenges. But the rewards and the excitement I saw in the kindergartener's eyes as they learned a new concept, skill, their color words or talking about a story we read or just telling something about them or their family was amazing. It made think/wonder if my love of history led me on a selfish path. No matter I enjoyed being able to have that college experience and to learn about the world around me from its earliest years to present, the development of societies, the growth of technology and the expansion across the seas. Having raised our three children and watched them marry and have their own children has now moved me into another stage of my life, a retired Grandma/Memaw and great grandmother! Now with Covid-19 and schools scrambling to adjust to new learning modes I am able, once again, to return to teaching. This time I'll be working with our 4 year old grandson on his pre-k skills

Grandma stepping up to teach the ABC'S
September 7, 2020
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