Grandparent's Day Activity

Olivia Johnson
Grandparent's Day Activity

Welcome to Our Retirement Home! Today we are dressing up like our grandparents!

This clever activity was inspired by the School for Amazing Kids in Helena, Alabama, where they had a very special, "Grandparent's Day." This day is unique in that it takes one thing preschool students love to do--play with their imagination--and encourages them to dress-up and act like their grandparents!

Welcome to Our Retirement Home

You can turn your classroom into a, "Retirement Home," and encourage you students to talk with their grandparents for ideas about how to look like their elders. This activity not only encourages imaginative play, but has students talk with older adults about what things may have been like when their grandparents were their age--like a, "Living history," lesson of sorts!

Preschool students can say what they like most about their grandparents and how easy or hard it was to find clothes like their grandma or grandpa. Make sure the students have their picture taken so they can show their grandparents once school is done how great a job they did dressing-up!

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Grandparent's Day Activity
September 5, 2019
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