Great website! + idea for a class activity

Great website! + idea for a class activity

I'm glad I ended up here because there are lots of ideas for English classes and more! I will be happy to recommend your site. Plus I see that there are opportunities to sell your own materials, which is a great idea! I will share with you my idea for an interesting activity for children.

Each student sits in a circle, we choose just one person to look for a picture card. The group knows where the card is located. Everyone has to direct the person looking by saying the name of the object on the card. When the person is far away from the card, the group whispers the word, and as the person gets closer, the group starts saying the name of the card (e.g. blue) louder and louder. The game is ideal for repeating vocabulary, for learning the pronunciation of words, or as a fun activity before the end of class.

Of course the game can be adapted to the level of the group, to the vocabulary, you can change the rules of the game to suit you.

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Great website! + idea for a class activity
October 7, 2021
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