Group Flower Drawing Project

Group Flower Drawing Project

Group Flower Drawing Project

At Yak Academy, they did a fun group project! Everyone got together and learned about flowers. The children were educated about photosynthesis and how flowers, "Eat," via using their roots to absorb water and nutrients along with their leaves to get sunlight. After learning all about flowers, the class did a big group project where they all drew a big sunflower!

Drawing a lovely sunflower

Everyone had a fantastic time collaborating and drawing the sunflower. The kids all grabbed differently colored crayons and took turns sketching-out and coloring-in the sunflower. The final result was amazing to see! The kids were proud to show off the beautiful flower they made by working together. It was a fantastic group activity!

Source for photos: Yak Academy

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Group Flower Drawing Project
March 21, 2021
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