Hairdresser in the classroom and other professions - jobs

Diane van Meetelen
Hairdresser in the classroom and other professions - jobs

Hairdresser in the classroom. For 4 and 5 year olds. We learned how to make an appointment en what a hairdresser can do to your hair. Afterwards the children gave money (mathematica).

I gave shampoo bottle and brushes en different things to put in the hair .

Realistic game / role play

We also cut paper in longer and shorter bits so they could make a model of paper .we put dolls in the hairdresser shop and different types of hair brushes en assecoires. We also gave magazines to read because a customer gets a magazine and thee en coffee at the hairdresser. You can also give pictures of hairstyles en wigs and hair extensions.

This corner was one of the things we learned within the theme “proffessions “

In the other corner we gave clothes to play role play of policy, ambulance

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Hairdresser in the classroom and other professions - jobs
September 25, 2021
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