Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

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Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

Halloween Classroom Door Decorations

At Children’s Lighthouse (in Oak Point, TX) they made witty and clever Halloween-themed designs for their school party where each of the 10 classrooms decorated their doors in awesome ways! Check them out and see if you start having some ideas!

Children's Lighthouse (Oak Point, TX)

10 Classroom Door Decorations for Halloween

  1. Fun peanuts went great with a, "Welcome to the nuthouse," message!

2. One classroom did a, "Nightmare before Christmas," design.

3. This spider-themed decor had the students smiling faces on the arachnids.

4. "Our Little Monsters," went fantastically with the fun monster designs.

5. The two year-old room had a, "Beware of the Twos," sign to let people know what (adorable) danger lurked within!

6. Charlie Brown and his famous Great Pumpkin made for a stellar piece of door-design!

7. A big ghost and a lot of little bats (that were pictures of students) looked fantastic on this door!

8. The Wicked Witch of the West is known for saying how she'll get, "My Pretties," and this door illustrates that.

9. A cauldron of witch's brew is really snazzy for this door.

10. The last piece of decoration features a spooky graveyard and zombies!

These 10 doors are all fantastic and will serve as great inspiration for your own decorating!

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Halloween Classroom Door Decorations
November 2, 2019
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