Halloween Games for Toddlers

At Precious People Learning Center in Palm Harbor, Florida they did a bunch of wonderful Halloween games designed for the toddlers! The games are discussed below and your students should love playing these as well!

Precious People Learning Center
Palm Harbor, Florida

Some Fun Stuff!

Shaving Cream Ghosts

The shaving cream ghosts up above involve spraying shaving cream onto an outside wall or fence in the shape of a ghost–then once done the shaving cream can be washed-off with a hose!

Halloween Pumpkin Pinata

A Halloween pumpkin pinata is a good deal of fun–and unlike a real pumpkin it won’t make a huge mess when busted-open! As the pictures shows, the students had a pinata shaped like a pumpkin and smashed it up!

Halloween Pumpkin Pinata
Halloween Pumpkin Pinata

Halloween Sensory Bin

Halloween sensory bins are fantastic and allow the kids to explore how things feel via touching, digging, and sorting. Children love having a special themed sensory bin to check-out and have a great time experimenting with. By putting certain things in the bins for them to find it turns into a fun game of searching!

Halloween Sensory Bin
Halloween Sensory Bin

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