Halloween Party!

Joyce M
Halloween Party!

Do you want some ideas for a halloween party? This is what we did in my 1 and 2 years old class.

Basically, we combined our group and we planned to do the following:

1. Story telling about Halloween in United States and how Halloween is being celebrated.

2. A Fashion Show.

3. Is it a trick or treat? (game)

4. Party Time! Dancing and blowing some bubbles.

5. Ate some Spooky biscuits and drink some scary juices.

This is one of my children, she's very proud about her costume. She keeps on telling us that she's a witch.

Halloween Party!

For the trick or treats games, I followed this article as my inspiration:


This is how mine looked like at the time we used it:

The materials I gathered were the following:

1. Big box

2. Black cardboard

3. Orange paper cups

4. Double sided tape

5. Transparent tape

6. 1 ply of an orange tissue

7. Prizes

8. Rubber bands

Now you can build your own pumpkin trick or treat. I hope it helps! I'll add more ideas later on

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Halloween Party!
November 18, 2021
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