Halloween Science Experiment and Activity

Fizzle, bubble, POP! We learned all about chemical reactions! We set out sensory station of frozen baking soda mixed with Colorations liquid water colors + glitter, ice, pipettes, pipettes, syringes, & cauldrons filled with vinegar.

To the children’s surprise it created these fun, exciting and colorful chemical reactions. This gives them the opportunity to explore their environments as they learn about cause and effect, cycles of nature, the ability to make comparisons, chemical and physical reactions and exposure to the properties of matter.

Through these types of simple activities children build a foundation for future scientific learning. As curiosity builds, children learn to be patient with projects that take time and how to make decisions based on the data that they gather. Developing this ability to understand the likeness and differences between things builds a science base as well as a skill for future math and reading skills.


Peter Pan Schools, Alameda, CA, United States

Frozen Halloween Eruptions

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