Hands & Feet Balancing Game

Symone Hart
Hands & Feet Balancing Game

This game teaches balance and coordination to children and can be played from as young as 3 years; it is also fun for adults! Before you play, draw hand and foot prints using your own or the childrens' hands and feet to draw around. It would be fun for the kids to draw around each other's hands and feet (or their own if social distancing is required) and colour the pictures in. When they are done, line the drawings up in rows of 4 (1 of each hand and foot in every row). To play, try move along the rows of prints, matching your hands and feet to the correct drawing without falling over. You have to place your hands and feet on at least 3 drawings in each row, at the same time! This is harder than it sounds but a fun game indoors and out, and always gets the kids active and laughing. I enjoy this game because there are no winners or losers, but the children still gain a sense of achievement when they reach the end of the column without falling over.

Hands & Feet Balancing Game
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Hands & Feet Balancing Game
April 9, 2021
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