Having a Water Play Wednesday

Having a Water Play Wednesday

Having a Water Play Wednesday

At First Christian Church Child Development Center, they have spent their Wednesdays by having fun with water! They've done, "Water play Wednesdays," where the children get to play outside with all kinds of water-related toys and it has been a fantastic way to cool down during this hot Summer.

Hot days and cool water

Studnets greatly enjoyed splashing around in water tables and taking turns running around (and through) the sprinkler! You can have your own water play day at your school by simply getting a variety of water-related items, setting them outside, and letting your students have fun! Do be aware that it is important to make sure all the students wear sunscreen too as you'll be outside. As long as you take steps to be safe you're sure to have a great time!

Source for photos: First Christian Church Child Development Center

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Having a Water Play Wednesday
June 12, 2021
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