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Having fun with English

haemin cho
Having fun with English

English lesson with kids(age 3-11)

I'm operating private English lesson in South Korea.

My students' age is vary form 3 to 11.

For the kids, I want them to have fun with English.

So I try to prepare various activities to play with them.

And for the elder students, I use textbooks.

I want them to have fun, too.

But children in Korea start learning English pretty early.

So in that age, they should write or speak English on theirselves.

I have to prepare higher level of English materials.

I want fine materials from this site to teach my students well.

I want to share the teaching exprience with people using this site.

Hope you give me advices or idea of how to teach kids.

Thank you for reading my words.

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Having fun with English
October 12, 2023
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