Health and Safety Unit: Germ Craft

Suzanne Halcomb
Health and Safety Unit: Germ Craft

We had a week of Health and Safety as one of our beginning of the school year units in PreK; We talked about ways to stay healthy at home and in school. With Covid it is really important that we are following health guidelines and mask mandates in our classroom, and like most classes at the beginning of the year we have lots of sneezing, coughing and snot! We made germs when talking about being healthy. Great colorful and shapes craft for 4k or kindergarten. The kids loved it and chose their own shapes, eyes and style of smile (happy, silly, sad, mad) that the teacher helped them draw. We also did a science project with germs and a math game, spin and cover the germ shape. We sang a hand washing song, discussed and posted a visual picture and word poster in the bathroom with steps on how to wash your hands properly - one pump of soap, one paper towel! Our supplies run out quickly in PreK! haha

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Health and Safety Unit: Germ Craft
September 3, 2021
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