Valentine Watercolor Resist Art Project for Toddlers


I saved my last shape to cover for right before Valentine’s Day. We have done some wonderful heart activities. For this post I will feature a very easy process art activity.

I cut out a heart shape from sturdy cardboard. Then the children take a candle and trace the inside of the heart and then color in the heart with the candle onto watercolor paper. Next, they paint the paper. This make a beautiful gift for a parent. It also gives opportunity for conversation about wax resist. You can encourage questions about why the color is on the paper but not where the candle wax is. Enjoy!

Cardboard with heart cut out on top of water color paper with candles, brushes, and liquid water color paint with glitter added to it.


The key to this working is making sure the child outlines the heart well with the candle.

Adding the paint.

A finished project.

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Author: Jenny Edwards

I have been teaching for twenty years, ten of those in Pre-K. Currently I have started a free preschool for students for families set in a community center. This is the second free preschool I have started. The first was set in a library and is award winning and has been nationally recognized. I delight in educating children and preparing a trusting, warm, and safe environment for them. It is a honor to be teaching our youngest scholars and setting them on their academic path. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook page: @FUNdamentalsofpreschool

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