Hedgehog - paper plate craft

Elly Chandra Dewi
Hedgehog - paper plate craft

How to make this hedgehog

Hedgehog - paper plate craft

Prepare :

1. paper plate and cut it into two

2. paintbrush

3. brown paint

4. scissor

5. white circle sticker or wiggly eyes

6. glue (uhu glue)

How to make it :

1. With half of the paper plate

2. colour it brown

3. cut out only the top part

4. use stickers for the eyes

First, ask the kids to cut out the spike. From the right to the left in the straight cut. Then paint it back and forth, let it dry for a while before you stick the eyes. When the paint is dry, you may also add the wiggly eyes and draw the nose. For the eyes, you may also change it with wiggly eyes and for the nose add a black marker to make it bolder. When the small kids cut out the spike, it also helps them to strengthen their fine motor skills as well as helping them to cut straight.

As for the decoration, you may add few leaves around it to make it more alive. This activities only takes about 15 minute.

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Hedgehog - paper plate craft
October 7, 2021
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