Hello from the sped community!

Lara Lee Kruszewski
Hello from the sped community!

Hello all! I am from Alabama and I work with children with a wide variety of different disorders and diagnoses. I am always looking for different things for the guys and ladies to do. It is important for the population that I work with to learn about a wide variety of functional skills in order to be successful in their daily lives. Working with this population, it is crucial to understand that not everyone will be as forgiving as we are, which is why we want any child with special needs to be as independent as possible. Some children will ultimately always require help, but with activities that teach life skills, it is possible for a lot of children with special needs to go to public school independently and without further assistance from us or other paraprofessionals. This is ultimately the goal for every child with special needs, but until then we keep learning and enjoying each and every one that comes into our lives.

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Hello from the sped community!
May 28, 2022
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