Hello! Nice to meet you all

Nina Daniela Rebolledo Segura
Hello! Nice to meet you all

Thank you for sharing this material. I really appreciate it. Also, the worksheets are amazing!

I'm an English teacher in Mexico. I teach Preschool/Kindergarten from grades 1 to 3. I just graduated last year and started working in August 2021. I consider that this website is really useful for English teachers from all over the world, because sometimes, it is very difficult to find useful material to use during our classes, specially for kindergarten, due to the fact that most of the worksheets that are available online are not for kindergarten, and some of the ones that are specifically for kindergarten/preschool are not very useful. On the other hand, this type of websites really make a teacher's life easier, because most of the time we are very busy so we don't have a chance to create material for our classes. I will definitely continue to use this website as a source for my teaching material.

Hello! Nice to meet you all
May 3, 2022
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