Hibernate poster for science

Rene ferrer
Hibernate poster for science

This is a poster for science explaining to kids what animals hibernate and where and how they hibernate. this poster is very easy to make all I used was either poster paper or a piece of white construction paper I printed the bear and snowflakes out and used marker it took me about 15 min all together to make then we talked bout all the animals the hibernate and we’re they hibernate during the winter if you have preschoolers they will love this.

The second poster with the teddy bear and Troy Bolton are a poster of what is different between the bear and the human have them try and name off what is different and what is the same talk bout the five senses especially and this should work. I printed the pictures out and used either poster paper or construction paper it took me five minutes to do and we did it all during circle time

Hibernate poster for science
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Hibernate poster for science
January 25, 2021
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