"Crooked Hillside Path," Craft Activity and Game for Children

.Chloe Thompson
"Crooked Hillside Path," Craft Activity and Game for Children

Crooked Hillside Path Craft Activity

At Woolsey Academy for Young Learners in Willard, Missouri, the class had a fantastic time doing a craft about a crooked path they then were able to also play a fun game with!

The class learned a nursery rhyme with the new word, "Crooked," that talked about a crooked man who walked on a crooked path. The children then were taught about the concept behind the word, "Crooked," and examined the painting, "The Hill Path," by the painter Alfred Sisley for a visual example of what a crooked hillside path might look like. After learning about the word crooked from the nursery rhyme and examining the painting, everyone was ready to create their own crooked hillside path!

crooked man
The Hill Path, Ville d Avray Alfred Sisley

"The Hill Path, Ville d Avray" Alfred Sisley - Oil On Canvas - 50 x 65 cm - 1879

Making a Crooked Hillside Path

Students took Popsicle sticks and glue to create a pretend crooked hillside path. They laid the Popsicle sticks out in a crooked manner and then taped them down so that they formed a very uneven path. Next, they took lightweight styrofoam spheres and blew on them with straws to try and guide them along the crooked paths! The students all learned how it can take patience along with persistence and practice to make progress down any kind of crooked path!

Making a Crooked Hillside Path

Woolsey Academy


Willard, MO, United States


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"Crooked Hillside Path," Craft Activity and Game for Children
February 16, 2020
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