Holding a Puppy Party

Holding a Puppy Party

Holding a Puppy Party

At the YMCAECE, they had a puppy party for the kiddos who attended the YMCA programs!

So much fun with the puppies!

Having dogs or cats available as therapy animals for everyone from young children to collegiate students has been shown in numerous studies to be helpful. Petting some playful animals can help reduce stress, anxiety, lower pressure, and otherwise is a wonderful way to enjoy the company of some furry friends!

Lovely little dogs

The students were overjoyed to get to play with the puppies. You can organize a puppy party at your school or after-school program too. Your students/attendees will surely love petting some sweet little fuzzy dogs or cats and it'll help to reduce any stress they might be feeling!

Source for photos: YMCAECE

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Holding a Puppy Party
December 9, 2021
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